Using The Private Cloud for a New Firm in Texas


A few months ago a potential new client had reached out to me to inquire about our popular Abacus Practice Management Software. After asking just a few questions I quickly learned that these were two attorney’s leaving a larger law firm to start their own practice on the other side of town. The new firm was to specialize in Family Law, Personal Injury, some Estate Planning and Real Estate Law. They were still in the midst of looking for office space, wanted to be able to use their Mac Laptops, and had been busy interviewing local IT People to bring on board for buying a server, creating a local network, and installing and managing the software they needed.

Here’s why I immediately thought this law firm would be a great candidate for Abacus Private Cloud;

  1. Most Legal Practice Management software works on PC and Microsoft Windows platforms. Through the Abacus Private Cloud, the client could easily use a free app provided by Microsoft to connect their iPad, iPhone or Macbook to their Private Cloud environment and use those Windows based applications without having to get rid of their device of choice.
  2. The idea of starting with the cloud was perfect because they were able to look for smaller office space since they didn’t need to designate space for a server and the equipment that goes with it.
  3. The attorneys at the new firm practice in a variety of areas of law and often times they’d be meeting clients outside of the office such as a clients residence or a local cafe. Through Abacus Private Cloud, the attorney or paralegal is able to access all of their applications and data from anywhere they’re at as long as they have an Internet connection.

Our prospective law firm felt the same way I did about Abacus Private Cloud and the benefits it holds for their new firm. A few weeks later we began implementation and after overcoming some initial obstacles (getting the proper licensing for existing software they owned), they’ve now been on a Private Cloud solution for over 3 months. In speaking to them they have expressed how happy they are with the capabilities it’s given their firm and more importantly and noteworthy for me was how quickly it helped them operate at full force.

When implementing cloud technology into a law firm, there’ll always be some challenges and obstacles that the provider and the client will have to work together on. If you’re curious and would like an idea of some major things to look out for, feel free to ask here, shoot me an email or give me a call.

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