Mobility for a Personal Injury Law Firm in Illinois


Organizing the data of a Personal Injury Law Firm which has 5+ offices across one of the worlds largest Metropolitan cities can be a daunting task. A little over a few years ago that would have meant buying a server and the accompanying infrastructure for each office, finding an IT specialist that could get all the servers to communicate with one another, and having one or several people on hand for day to day IT issues that would require a physical presence.

That was the challenge one of my newest firms in Chicago was facing. Their law firm has been handling Personal Injury cases all over the Chicago Metropolitan area for many years. The first questions they asked me were about how they could reduce costs and more importantly, simplify the process of managing and centralizing all the data they receive from each office.

To help better explain why the flexibility of Abacus Private Cloud was the perfect solution for this client, I’ve included two diagrams below.

This is how you would traditionally network law firms with offices that are located in different locations together;



Keep in mind that the above is just one example of how networks are traditionally connected together. There are several ways to accomplish this, but the result is usually very similar. It involves multiple servers having to communicate with one another to share the firms’ information. There are a lot of risks associated with this method and it involves a lot of moving parts to have to work with one another.


Through the Abacus Private Cloud, everything gets hosted in a professionally managed data center. Abacus essentially builds out a server specifically for the firm with out the fear of your data or resources being shared with anyone else. For my client in Chicago, here’s what the Abacus Private Cloud accomplished;

  1. It gave them the ability to connect all their offices together under a single server. All data is shared among multiple locations, and it avoids the need for expensive local IT infrastructure.
  2. Physical location has effectively become irrelevant. So not only are all the offices connected, but where you’re connecting from no longer matters. The partners can be working from any office and they’d have their entire desktop follow them where ever they’re at.
  3. Personal Injury attorneys are usually out of the office. You probably already know this but they have a lot of down time while waiting for trials in court. Through Abacus Private Cloud, they’re able to continue working and getting things done instead of having to wait to go back to the office. This meant more billable hours.
  4. It removed the need for multiple IT professionals. They were able to trim down to just one IT expert who’s transitioned into more of a consultant role. He now tries to increase productivity by means of technology and assisting the firm in properly utilizing all the tools they already have.
  5. It’s allowed for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Attorney’s, paralegals, and support staff can now use what ever device they choose to when connecting to the Private Cloud. PC or Mac? It doesn’t matter. Additionally the firm no longer has to buy expensive desktops for each user. Even if you did want to purchase hardware for the office, you can get 100% of the functionality you’ll need with simple and cost effective Chromebooks.

For Personal Injury Firms that are growing or are in need of a flexible solution that gives them mobility, I truly believe a Private Cloud environment is something to seriously consider. If you’re a Personal Injury law firm and have questions or concerns about a hosted Private Cloud solution, please feel free to ask. As always, if you’ve got additional ideas or suggestions to share, I’m open to hearing those as well.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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