Why Most Law Firm IT Specialists Are Scared of the Private Cloud


After having spent some time speaking to various law firms and transitioning many of them into our Abacus Private Cloud, I can quickly categorize the IT people (or the Computer Guy as you conveniently put it sometimes) that help manage the networking for law firms into two groups;

  1. The forward thinking IT Professional who has the best interest of their client in mind.
  2. The apprehensive and defensive IT Professional who is worried about his future, and less about his clients.

Unfortunately today, most local IT Professionals (that I’ve spoken to) fall under the second category.

They are on the defensive due to cloud based solutions beginning to take over some of their responsibilities. And that’s not to say they are no longer a valuable asset to a law firm or any organization. But…

The role of the IT professional is quickly changing and like any other business, they need to rapidly evaluate how they can become a part of the change vs. resisting it and inevitably failing and falling behind.

So why do so many IT Specialists see the Private Cloud and more specifically Infrastructure as a Service as a threat?

Because it requires them to radically change their role within an organization. With a hosted desktop solution (such as Abacus Private Cloud), all of the back end networking, configuration, and setting up of the equipment servers and network falls onto the shoulders of the service provider.

The only thing a law firm or solo practitioner would need is a device that can connect him to the Internet. In some instances, many firms won’t have to have an IT person on hand at all.

IT People are Still Valuable

These changes don’t mean that IT Professionals are no longer valuable. A great article I read a while back on LinkedIn discusses how the cloud actually saves an IT persons job.

As a result of cloud computing, a lot of partnerships and re-seller opportunities are developing because some firms still want that local presence available, but want it combined with the power and technology that only a company with a heavy investment in the people and infrastructure can provide.

Although it’s in the interest of every sales person to sell you their product, the reality with Cloud based solutions is that you’re building a long term partnership that has to benefit both the provider and the consumer.

As I’ve mentioned before, a Private Cloud solution may not be the best solution for every firm. But I strongly advise attorneys, managing partners and lawyers to look beyond the opinion of their local IT Professional for the answer.

More often than not, they may be a bit more on the defensive and worried about job security which may not translate into the best solution for you and your organization.

I’d love to hear your opinion and experiences in dealing with IT Professionals that work at or with your law firm.

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