How The Abacus Private Cloud Works


The Abacus Private Cloud is a way for business owners and their staff to access all of their files, programs and documents from anywhere and on any device.

It also removes the need for owning a server or having to worry about the security of your data.

Here are the topics that I’ll cover in this post (clicking on it will take you there):

  1. A Cloud Computing Analogy
  2. How the Abacus Private Cloud Works
  3. What the Abacus Private Cloud Looks Like
  4. What Can Be Moved into Abacus Private Cloud
  5. What Makes Abacus Private Cloud Private
  6. How Abacus Private Cloud is Priced
  7. Minimum Requirements for Moving to Abacus Private Cloud

A Very Short Cloud Computing Analogy

The best way to describe how Cloud Computing works is to start with a simple analogy.

Do you remember watching movies on a VCR?
You had to:

  • Connect the VCR Player to your TV
  • Hope that you have the right cables
  • Rent or buy a movie at the store
  • Rewind the movie (because the last person with the movie never did)
  • Hit Play

Today, hundreds and thousands of movies are available at the press of a button through applications like Netflix.

No clunky hardware that needs to sit under the TV
No movies to sift through and organize
And definitely no need for the VCR re-winder

The technology many small businesses still use is like trying to use a VCR in 2016.

Abacus Private Cloud is doing to Local Servers what Netflix did to VCR’s not too long ago

As long as you have your user name and password, you can connect to your Netflix account from anywhere, using any device.

Abacus Private Cloud is a Virtual Windows Desktop that holds all of your applications and files that similar to Netflix, you can access from anywhere using any device.


How the Abacus Private Cloud Works

With Abacus Private Cloud you’re moving all of your Windows based applications, files and folders into a server that resides in a professionally managed Data Center.

You will always have ownership of the data and there’s no cost to remove it.

Abacus Private Cloud Desktop as a Service

The Data Center we use is probably one of the most sophisticated data center’s in the world. It’s the SuperNap in Las Vegas.

There are also two U.S. based colocation facilities in different geographical locations for backing up your data.

When a new client signs on, we build them a server in the data center.

The Abacus Team will coordinate moving your data and applications from your current in-house server into your Abacus Private Cloud.

Once your programs and files have been installed on the server, each user will receive credentials to login to their virtual desktop.

For any device running Windows (tablet or PC), you would use the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection utility to connect to your virtual desktop.


If you’re running a Mac or an Android device, you can download the same utility from each of their respective app stores.


What the Abacus Private Cloud Virtual Desktop Looks Like

The Abacus Private Cloud Desktop looks like any other Windows 10 Desktop.

One of the big differences is that you can access this desktop from anywhere.

Below is a screenshot of my Abacus Private Cloud Desktop.


So whether you’re at the office, or using your laptop while on vacation; you’ll always have all of your programs and files with you in their native format.

Why You Need to Get Away from Managing Your Own Network

  1. It costs a lot of money to set up and buy all of the hardware
  2. IT infrastructure needs to be refreshed and updated every 3 to 5 years
  3. In case of failure, your business is down until recovery
  4. Your IT Person generally is only available during regular business hours and days
  5. Your systems are only as secure and up to date as the knowledge your IT person possesses
  6. Hacking and Data theft has become increasingly sophisticated and protecting your data requires more than a couple of eyes glancing over it

This is why the traditional method of owning and managing your hardware is being replaced by solutions like Abacus Private Cloud.

There is no longer a need to piece meal your IT Solutions.

Better yet, you will barely need to deal with IT issues at all.


What Can you Move to Abacus Private Cloud?

You can move all of your files and folders into Abacus Private Cloud.

Additionally, any program that runs on a Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System can be installed on Abacus Private Cloud as well.

The only exception is a restriction that Microsoft has placed on it’s own product; Microsoft Office 365.

To have the Microsoft Office Suite working on a virtual environment, they require you to use enterprise licensing.

This means you need Microsoft Office 365 E3 and above.

Because most firms do not have this type of licensing, we provide it at as a pass-through fee at the same price listed on the Microsoft website.

To clarify, this is the full version of the Microsoft Office programs, and not limited ones that are accessed through a web browser.


What Makes Abacus Private Cloud Private?

A Private Cloud is a highly secure virtual solution that keeps your data segmented and separated from other subscribers.

  • The resources allocated for your business are not shared with other organizations using Abacus Private Cloud
  • The location of where your data resides is known which makes it easier to protect

A Public Cloud solution though is the exact opposite.

It usually has many businesses sharing the same resources and hardware.

And their data is spread around data centers all over the globe to keeps costs down.

Examples of public cloud solutions are LinkedIn, Facebook, DropBox, Clio, MyCase and QuickBooks Online.

As a general rule of thumb, if the software requires you to login through a website, it’s a public cloud application.

Although public cloud solutions are generally inexpensive, you’re sacrificing security and performance for the lower cost.

To learn more about why a Private Cloud Solution would be safer than hosting your network in-house, click the link below;

5 Reasons a Private Cloud is More Secure than a Local Server


How Abacus Private Cloud is Priced

Because each business has unique needs, the servers we build in our data centers are truly custom created for each of our clients.

Here are the items that impact pricing;

  • Number of users that need access to the server
  • The amount of storage space we’ll need to allocate for the server
  • Whether you will be providing Microsoft Office 365 E3 Licenses or you want us to do it
  • Custom configurations (SQL Servers, additional File Servers and etc)

There is no additional charge for installing software you already own onto Abacus Private Cloud as long as it’s Windows 10 compatible.

The only time there are additional charges are if a specific software requires a dedicated SQL Server for example to run properly.

The solution is scalable so you can add users and resources as your business grows.


The Minimum Requirements Needed for Abacus Private Cloud

Because the computing and processing of all your data and applications will be happening in your Abacus Private Cloud Server, not many client facing requirements exist.

  1. A steady internet connection with 1 mb upload/download speed per concurrent user.
    This means if you have 10 people working in your business, you’ll want an Internet Connection with a speed of 10 mb/s for both uploading and downloading. The fastest way to test your speed is to use
  2. For your PC you’ll want to be running Windows 7 and above
    For your Mac you’ll want to have OSX 10.9 and above
    For Android it varies by device
  3. Scanners and Printers that are Cloud Ready. Sometimes even devices that are not cloud ready can be used but it can be a pain to get them up and running and it may require additional 3rd party software.

Contact Me with Questions

What you’ve read is just a very broad overview of Abacus Private Cloud.

Each business operates differently and has different needs such as specific compliance requirements that they need to adhere to.

I’m always happy to have a quick conversation with prospective clients about pricing, security and other requirements you may have.

You can reach me at 858-768-5654 or via email at