Amicus Attorney Join’s the Abacus Data System’s Family


Abacus Data Systems and Amicus Attorney have joined forces. This will take two of the longest tenured law practice management software providers in the legal industry and bring them under one umbrella.

Abacus Data Systems, formerly known as Abacus Law has been in business since 1983 and is headquartered out of San Diego California.

Amicus Attorney was founded in 1993 and is under the business name of Gavel & Gown located in Toronto Canada.

Combined, both of these platforms have hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. This makes the Abacus-Amicus team by far the largest provider of law practice software to the legal industry.

What This Means

Abacus Private Cloud for Amicus Customers

Over the last 2 years, the Abacus Private Cloud, a turn key desktop as a service platform (DaaS) has been the reason for major growth at Abacus Data Systems.

Abacus Private Cloud is a custom-built, compliance ready virtual workplace engineered with virtualization technologies designed specifically for the legal industry.

It creates a robust environment including threat protection, security management, automation, and scaling capabilities which allows Law Firm’s to move their IT cost’s from a capital expenditure, to an operating expense.

The Law Firm own’s and control’s the data while Abacus manages, supports, and secures the private cloud infrastructure 24/7 in data centers located exclusively in the United States.

Currently, Amicus Cloud customers use Microsoft Azure which hosts the Amicus application in a public cloud environment.

Abacus Private Cloud will allow Amicus Desktop Application Users (Amicus Small Firm and Premium) to move their software into a fully secured data center with all of the other software applications and data files that the firm needs access to.

The unity of these two companies will propel legal technology to the next stage and everyone here at Abacus is excited to see where this takes us.

Welcome to the family Amicus Attorney!